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Neil Alvanzo
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“I graduated from college over 20 years ago. I was clueless about what I was supposed to do. I looked for a job like most people who finished their schooling. My thoughts were centered around who would pay me the most and how would the job best position me for my future. I definitely wasn’t thinking about my emotional connection to the work.

My first job gave me enough income to fund recreational activities and keep my lifestyle intact. Years went by. I experienced promotions and layoffs. The fact is that I was in the middle of the pack; I remained with the herd. I was committed to doing something that I thought I should be doing, as opposed to asking myself what I really want to do. 

The financial security in the tech and software industry outweighed my desire to try something different. I developed a tolerance for doing a job I didn’t enjoy. It started taking a toll on me, but I kept going. I got married, had children and the responsibilities continued to increase. The work dissatisfaction became white noise, but by the same token, I wasn’t happy with my job. I went through this vicious cycle of thinking there had to be something else for me, but I shut the thought down due to my salary and responsibilities."

"Everything became difficult at my job. The energy in the workplace felt artificial. I felt as though I was working against my natural self. I’d show up to work Monday morning and I couldn’t wait until Friday. I counted the days until vacation. I knew that what I was doing was no longer ‘me.’ There had to be something that better suited me, but I needed help figuring out what that might be. 

My decision to seek help from a life-coach came down to self-integrity. My coach helped me identify my purpose and worked with me to carve out a path forward. I'm absolutely convinced that when we can identify our purpose, we can transform any aspect of our lives. 

After working together she learned what naturally fueled me. She believed I had the wiring to be an awesome coach. Her telling me that obviously triggered something within me. 

Coaching helped me shift gears and realize that I am where I am supposed to be. My career aligns with who I’m meant to be at this stage in life. I’m independent of the labels that once defined me. 

As a life-purpose coach, I see myself as an olive branch to those who are going through similar challenges I experienced.”

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