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Bee Secure Home Inspection
Mikael Taylor
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“Before I had my own business, I was teaching Special Education. To teach Special Education you have to be able to run to keep up with the kids — but after I was in a really severe car accident in 2012, I could no longer do that. I couldn’t even walk very well.

That was a really hard time for me. I still miss the kids. But I like what I do now, so it’s been a great transition."

"I've been inspecting homes for eight years now and I definitely have some stories. (laughs)

This one time, I was in this really low crawlspace doing an inspection, and I was inching along deeper and deeper into the space when I suddenly saw these glowing eyes looking at me. I had my flashlight so I shined it ahead and this angry, feral cat was guarding over some of its kittens. Meanwhile, I was on my belly. So, that experience was pretty scary.

There are good stories too. Another time, I was inspecting this couple's house and they were cooking authentic Chinese food and I could smell it and I was just like, “Oh my gosh, whatever you're cooking, I don't even know what it is, it smells so good…” and they invited me to stay for dinner.

It really is an interesting job. I learn or experience something new every day.”

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Bee Secure Home Inspection
With years of experience, attention to detail and knowledge of the construction process, Bee Secure can offer thorough, accurate inspections that reveal crucial information about the property in question to help you make an informed buying decision.
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