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Crystal Moll Gallery
Crystal Moll
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“When I first found a space for my gallery over 10 years ago, I offered to pay the landlord a percentage of sales instead of paying rent. That’s how I got into the gallery business.

I started this gallery without a plan. No plan, just a lot of ideas — and I wanted to see them all through. A couple of years ago, I started feeling like I was working way too hard. I was painting less and less. I felt like a little hamster on a wheel, and it just kept going and going."

"It was just too much work. So, we decided to slow down the amount of shows that we were doing, so we’re not killing ourselves anymore or feeling like we’re behind the eight ball, and the resentment that comes with that.

It's one thing to think about writing, painting, or acting, but it's another to actually then dedicate all your time to it, especially when starting from nothing.  We still work too hard for the financial gain that we get, but it’s more controlled now.

My husband and I have been sailors forever, but since I opened the gallery we hadn’t used the boat much. Now, in the last year and a half, we have been finding time to play.

I’m really glad to be back on the water, and I’m glad that we are starting to figure out how to have more of our individual lives. That’s been a great lesson."

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Crystal Moll Gallery
The Crystal Moll Gallery showcases paintings, prints, and art gifts. They also offer custom framing.
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