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Cuples Tea House
Eric and Lynette Dodson
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Eric: "Our first date wasn’t really supposed to be a date. I was talking to Lynette on the phone and I told her that I was going down to Sound Garden, and I might watch the game and eat some wings. Lynette asked if she could join me, and I’m thinking we’re just gonna hang out. She shows up and I’m dressed to go watch NBA basketball and eat wings—she’s wearing a prom dress (laughs)."

So, then, we started thinking about our friendship differently— I think it was the prom dress."

Lynette: "Then when we started dating, we would always go out and have tea. Tea dates, tea involvements."

Eric: "Whenever I came over, it was always, “You want some tea? Can I get you something? Tea?”

Lynette: "If you asked my mother, she’d say I had tea in the bottle when I was a kid. I’ve always loved tea.

Over time, we started educating ourselves more and more about the health benefits of tea and we were just amazed."

Eric: "Then in 2015, we started talking a lot about something we could do together as a business, as a legacy to leave to our children, and tea was just our thing. We love tea! That’s how Cuple’s Tea House started."

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Cuples Tea House
Cuples Tea House is an online retail store featuring premium loose teas, tea accessories and tea-inspired specialty events.
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