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Full Circle Doughnuts
Courtney Fix
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“I think people stress themselves out, wondering if other people think some certain way about them, rather than just living how they want to live.

I've always had this ‘I don't give a f*ck what people think about me’ attitude. I know my shortcomings and I'm my own worst critic, so I don't feel accountable to anybody else's opinion of who I am.

I started this shop because I got sick of working for other people in Baltimore. I got sick of not being able to execute ideas that I knew would probably sell."

"One thing that’s been a big learning experience while owning this shop has been having to stay here at night by myself. That’s really hard because I’m just in my head for six hours straight and I really start to dig down on myself… but I would rather sort through my own thoughts here than anywhere else.

It’s nice to have somewhere to escape to, somewhere that’s mine — all of it is mine.”

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Full Circle Doughnuts
We are a woman owned Artisan Doughnut shop specializing in sweet and savory brioche doughnuts. We use unique ingredients to create one of a kind innovative flavors not normally seen in other doughnut shops.
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